I love this cat. She has kept by my side through thick and thin, in winter and summer, moving between apartments, across state lines, and enduring kitty-roommates that are more like casual acquaintances… Continue reading

Flashback 2003

It’s been a while since my last post; Life happens you know? Since this site is only 3 posts away from reaching the 500 post milestone, I thought it would be appropriate to… Continue reading


Here’s a photo found on my phone’s camera roll from a few month’s back. A typical street view of an atypical and iconic piece of NYC. When I look through my Romper Room… Continue reading


In response to the senseless slaughter of Cecil the Lion, Sebastian, a rescue cat who adopted ME expresses his reaction and solidarity with the rest of the Internet felines on the planet. We… Continue reading


The Pet Gear Easy Step is the best investment I ever made… for my kitty. Due to her arthritis, for the past year I’ve had to pick her up to put her on… Continue reading


Say hello to my friend’s beautiful cat, Maggie. She’s a Chicago-native who loves white fluffy beds and solitude in the sun. Not so much a fan of being photographed. Or being petted by… Continue reading


Most people agree that New York City is beautiful in the Spring; but a frozen city is beautiful in its own right.


There’s something “magical” about snow falling on Times Square, especially on Valentine’s Day. The bustle of passing crowds and traffic fade into background noise as the dance of flurries speed up and then… Continue reading


Flashback two years ago, and a walk along the beachfront of Lake Michigan. Is there anything more important for us to remember than this?


And so it begins; the advancing of a “crippling and potentially historic blizzard”…  New Jersey and New York have already declared a “State of Emergency” for the region with accumulated snow of up… Continue reading


Flashback on the kitchen rear window in our Carson City cottage house circa the late 90’s. Cooper appears to be looking at something on the ground outside (a squirrel perhaps?) while his younger… Continue reading


So it has been cold lately; what’s new? In fact, it’s been so cold that the fountain at Bryant Park was frozen earlier this week (according to the news anyway; it was too… Continue reading

Warm Memories

Every time I fly into San Diego for the holidays I like to make a pit-stop at the Harbor for a first look downtown, absorbing the sun and balmy air on my skin.… Continue reading

First Snow of 2015

Who was it that said “snow, snow, go away; please come back another day…”? The photo below is of Jeff Koons’ sculpture, Flower Balloon (Fed) featured in the fountain area of the public… Continue reading


It may be a full moon tonight, but less than a week ago, the half-moon rose over Central Park in a blue and pink-tinged sky. It’s a view like this that reminds me… Continue reading

Beloved Pets

Earlier this week I took an afternoon stroll through Central Park, meandering past Belvidere’s Castle and Turtle Pond to enter the Ramble for a little bird-watching. Not long after setting off on one… Continue reading

Thanksgiving Eve 2014

It’s Thanksgiving Eve and One World Trade Center has its head in the clouds. Thankfully those clouds brought more rain than the 6 inches of predicted snow. Blessings can be found in the… Continue reading


Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is pretty incredible; it’s large and diverse, is free to the public, and is a wonderful way to pass the time on a lazy weekend afternoon. While I always… Continue reading


On Sunday I visited a church in Times Square with a few new acquaintances from New Jersey. As I relayed to them in passing, one reason I enjoy this city so much is… Continue reading


Nap time with a new toy. So long as she has a catnip laced “buddy” to play with, she will deign to be groomed at home. It only took 11 years to figure… Continue reading


Happy Birthday oh city of mine! Today, September 8, 2014, marks the 350th (yes, Three Hundred and Fiftieth) anniversary of the Dutch nation’s surrender of New Amsterdam to the British, and the subsequent… Continue reading

End of Summer

It’s September and some say it is the end of Summer. After all, school is back in session and the daily commute is once again fully congested with the return of vacationers from… Continue reading


The tide has run out of our little cove. Birds are foraging for a few evening snacks. Earlier a storm blew through and emergency alerts beeped on and beeped off of cell phones… Continue reading


It’s easy to take for granted the place you live in. When in Chicago, I used my camera on photo-walkabouts as a way to both explore, and maintain my appreciation for the place… Continue reading


My cellular phone has the option to take panoramic photos. I still do not have the “hang” of it yet, however, I still keep trying. This is a photograph taken on Crescent Lake,… Continue reading


A Saturday evening silhouette at the Lincoln Center Revson Fountain.

Newark, NJ

I found a little slice of hidden waterfront on my bike ride this weekend. Now, when the summer heat becomes oppressive, I have a place to sit overlooking Newark Bay while enjoying a… Continue reading


I’ve just taken delivery of my third tablet in almost twice as many months due to (1) equipment failure and (2) catastrophic-accident-involving-falling-on-the-train. It’s the same color, make and model as the first unit… Continue reading

Lady Liberty

In the foreground: Spring flowers. In the distance: Lady Liberty. Each represents things to be grateful for; the beautiful season upon us AND the freedom we enjoy in this country.


In April 2012 I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge (Manhattan to Brooklyn) for the very first time. My first impression was that it was quite crowded between strolling pedestrians and grimacing bicyclists. The… Continue reading


A special treat this weekend was stumbling upon a Cherry Blossom trail alongside the reservoir in Central Park. It was a beautiful day. The explosion of pink blossoms overhead served was a soft… Continue reading


The trees have finally started to bloom in the city. Although it has remained chilly (at least to me) most days, the sun has been out more often than not. There were even… Continue reading


I’ve never been much of a television sitcom watcher. Perhaps I was turned off years ago by the incessant, canned “laugh-track”. Or, perhaps I just couldn’t find a show that made me laugh… Continue reading

Mr. Sebastian

Do you know what it is like to be behind on something? Maybe it’s a project, a work task, or something you enjoy doing, except lately, you haven’t had the energy or the… Continue reading

Another March 16th

On another March 16th (2012) I went on a photo-walk around Chicago. Stopping first at the Garfield Park Conservatory (free admission), then Millennium Park’s Lurie Garden, and finally the waterfront along Lake Michigan… Continue reading

New York New York in Vegas

Just over a week ago I was in Nevada for an impromptu visit with family whom I haven’t seen in quite some time. My flight into Vegas had to make a flaps-up, emergency… Continue reading

Picture Perfect

My car is buried under a mountain of snow, and there’s more on the way. Why can’t winter be the picture perfect version of our memories, versus the massive inconvenience of reality? If… Continue reading

Fashion Week

Once again Mercedes Benz Fashion Week descended upon NYC this past week. The temperature was too cold to strut one’s “stuff” outside on the plaza; most all of the action occurred inside the… Continue reading

Walk in Central Park

Today we have at least a half-foot of snow fall, plus freezing temps. Yesterday, however, New York enjoyed 50 degree weather which was perfect for a stroll in Central Park, as well as… Continue reading

Happy Anniversary to Us

It was one year ago this weekend that I left Chicago for a new beginning. Actually, I left for a new job, it just happened to be almost 800 miles away in the… Continue reading


It was only 2 weeks ago that it was cold enough for steam to rise from both the fountain, and the reflecting pool at Lincoln Center. On the one hand I have often… Continue reading

Little Helper

It’s nice to have a little helper around the house. This small friend may not do the dishes, kill bugs or pick up laundry, but you can count on them to be at… Continue reading

Something Wicked This Way Comes

This morning, our little corner of the world woke up to fog. Although I do not enjoy driving through it (the most notable semi-scary experience being a dense fog between San Francisco and… Continue reading

Post 450: COLD

Today marks the 45oth post on the blog. It is also the day when New Yorker’s are grateful for a 20 degree increase in temperatures, up to a near-balmy 28 F. Why… Continue reading

When it Snows…

We’ve had our first truly significant snowfall of the season, and tonight we’ll enjoy the lowest temps yet (single digits). Obviously, Chicago has already been here, done that, but this is New York… Continue reading

For the Birds

Looking back at old photographs, I am often reminded of how MUCH time I used to spend on the Lake Michigan waterfront while living in Chicago.  In an otherwise turbulent time of life,… Continue reading

Party Cat

The boy has been fighting an ear infection for the past 2 weeks.  I stayed home with him on Christmas, and we had a few quality hours of bonding while watching Hulu’s “Doctor… Continue reading

If Cats Could Talk

Originally posted on Hands on Bowie:
Sending a signal. At some point, you will have to leave your cat alone. At another point, you will have to leave that last piece of chocolate…

Love You Like A Rock

Originally posted on Hands on Bowie:
Happy Birthday! Mr. Bowie, our hero, turns six today. I love this little man. I love him like a rock. Catnip and treats for the furry ones.…